The International Coach Federation defines professional coaching as "partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential,"


At Fiamma, we believe that the role of a coach is to support individuals to think differently; hold space for them to define their goals, actions and vision; and support them to achieve their goals and step into their greatness.


We seek to make our clients feel respected, safe, valued, challenged, capable, powerful and inspired by asking powerful and thought provoking questions, providing honest feedback, challenging assumptions, maintaining confidentiality, provoking reflection and reminding individuals of their capabilities, challenges, accomplishments and potential.

Some of the benefits clients have received from coaching include:

o   Greater confidence and more effective leadership skills.

o   Enhanced problem solving and critical thinking.

o   Improved communication & relationships.

o   Increased self- and situational-awareness.

o   Increased productivity and business and time management.

o   Increased confidence in leading through change.

o   Clearer vision of work/life balance.

o   Provides a safe space to test out new concepts and ideas prior to implementing them with your team/in the organisation

o   Increased focus on meeting specific business or organizational objectives.

o   Increased intentionality in career planning.

o   Enhanced conflict management skills.

We believe that our clients are, and should remain the focus of our services, as they have the ability, creativity and desire to set their own leadership goals and achieve them. We also believe that through coaching, leaders become more equipped to inspire others to act and move forward to achieve strategic plan priorities and business plan goals.

Curious about how coaching could support you in achieving your goals.  Contact us to book a complimentary 30 minute coaching call with us to explore if coaching is for you!