Facilitation and Team Development

At Fiamma, our coach approach to facilitation and team development is based on the belief creating collaborative spaces allows the collective intelligence of a team to emerge.

The creation of a effective and efficient team means more than identifying individuals to work together.  By combining individual team members' abilities, experience, skills, and strengths, and identifying clear mandates and goals enable the group to be more successful as a collective as opposed to working independently.


We believe there is incredible power in creating the space for teams to develop their own solutions and strategies, as opposed to having those solutions developed externally. Our goal in our facilitation and team development services is to be the keeper of the process and create a safe space for participants to share their wisdom and knowledge. 


We offer a variety of services to support teams achieve their goals.  If a service you are looking for is not listed below, feel free to contact us directly to discuss your needs and explore how we may be of service.

A team is a relatively small number of people that share common goals as well as the regards and responsibilities for achieving them.  Team members readily set aside their individual or personal needs for the great good of the group.”

                                    ~ Patrick Lencioni

Team Building and Development -  We work with teams to build trust, create collaborative structures, improve communication and create actionable plans to support better performance. Whether you need support to design the structure of a new team, or  re-engage members of an established team or if you are looking for focused assistance for a team facing difficulties, contact us to explore how we can help. 

Strategic Planning - At Fiamma we are inspired by the work of Simon Sinek, whose TedTalk has over 35 million views, Sinek's Start With Why methodology to help teams define their purpose (or their why), which then acts as a basis to develop team structures (such as Team Charters, Mission and Vision Statements) and create strategic business plans. Want to explore how Fiamma can help you and your team reach the next level of success, contact us to explore how we can work together.